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Elgar ReFlex Power DC Low Power Module : Specifications
DC Low Power Modules General Specifications
Line Regulation +\- 10% line change
Steady State,
Voltage Mode
0.01% of full-scale + 10mV (330W) and
0.03% of full-scale (1kW)
Steady State,
Current Mode
0.05% of fullscale (330W) and 0.1% of full-scale (1kW)
Transient, Voltage Mode Less than 1% of full-scale excursion returning to steady state within 500 micro-sec
Transient, Current Mode Less than 0.05% of full-scale (330W) and less
than 0.1% (1kW)
Remote Sense Up to 3V load line drop. The drop in the load leads subtracts from the maximum voltage available for the load.
Parallel Up to six like modules
Series Up to five like modules. Float not to exceed 200V (16V, 33V), 300V (65V). 450V (450V).
Sag/Surge/Hold Up Sag to 65% of nominal for 450ms at full output power with AC input at ≥200VAC. Surge to 135% of nominal for 450ms at full output with AC input ≤230VAC. 10ms hold up at loss of input.
Remote programming connector 9-pin D-sub
Output connector Combination signal/power contact subminiature D (Mating connector kit available)
Physical 330W: 4.2 lbs (1.91 Kilograms)
1000W: 8.7 lbs (3.95 Kilograms)
Regulatory Certified to UL 61010-1, CSA C22.2 No.
61010.1 and IEC/EN 61010-1.
Compliance with EN61326 and FCC 21 CFR,
Subpart J
CE Mark is to EMC and LVD
All specifications: 25°±5°C.
Output Voltage and Current
Model LPDC16V20 LPDC65V5.1
Output Voltage 16V 65V
Output Current 20.6A 5.1A
Maximum Power 330W 330W
Mainframe Slots 1 1
Ripple / Noise
Model LPDC16V20 LPDC65V5.1
RMS 5mV 6mV
Peak-Peak 25mV 18mV
Programming Accuracy
Model LPDC16V20 LPDC65V5.1
Voltage 0.05%+ 8mV 32.5mV
Current 20mA 5.1mA
Temperature Coeffcient
Model LPDC16V20 LPDC65V5.1
Voltage /˚C 1.6mV 6.5mV
Current /˚C 5mA 1mA
Output rise/
fall time
20msec 20msec

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