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AMREL eLoad PLA Series

800W to 7.5kW Air-cooled programmable DC electronic load, featuring Multiple ranges for voltage, current resistance and power

Product Overview
Traditional dc Electronic Load Solutions are bulky and large in size. Most are offered with standard voltage, current and power ratings. In the ATE world, rack space is a highly coveted asset and application demands are constantly diversifying with new technology development. AMREL’s PLA Series of “Air-cooled” dc Electronic eLoads offers the industry’s smallest footprint, the highest power density and current rating, along with the broadest selection of high voltage models on the market. PLA models are capable of being custom-tailored to meet your application requirements.

Features And Benefits
Closed-case Calibration
With the eLoad line, there’s no longer a need to send your electronic load back to the factory for calibration or
remove dozens of screws to reach a potentiometer. Simply follow the AMREL calibration routine from the front panel and you should be back up and running in a very short period of time (some electronic test equipment needed). This will virtually eliminate downtime and eradicate the annual cost associated with shipping your eLoad back to the factory for calibration.

Individual FET Protection
To ensure the reliability of the PLA Series, AMREL’s design includes individual FET protection. A programmable
electronic load may contain many FETs in parallel, which can create a cascading failure if one of them was to short
out. AMREL’s eLoad programmable electronic load design isolates failures so other components will not be affected
or stressed, increasing the system’s level of protection against catastrophic failure. With individual FET protection,
the MTTR is reduced and the electronic load quickly returns to full operation.

Ultra-low Voltage Operation
The PLA design allows the programmable electronic load to operate at voltage levels approaching .1V. They will
typically dissipate full rated current below 1% of their maximum rated voltage. For example, a 60V unit designed
to dissipate1500A will allow the user to operate at .6V and still dissipate the full amount.


• Broadest Model Selection: 800W to 7.5kW (higher power available up to 250kW
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• Exclusive Voltage Models: 10V to 1200V

• Multiple loads in one: Multiple ranges for voltage,
current resistance and power

• Intuitive Front Panel Control: Run sequences, triggers, constant current to constant power cross over


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