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California Instruments 3091LD Series : Quote Request

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Option Code Description
-230 AC Line input 230 V L-N. Must be specified at the time of origninal order.
-BTM Bench Top Model. No handles and rack mount ears. Must be specified at the time of origninal order.
-MSK Master/Auxiliary Cable Kit Required to use 3091LD as auxiliary unit.
-RMS Rack Mount Slides
C Cabinet. Add prefix “C” to model number to order a rack mounted system.

Note: For rack mounting, option -RMS is recommended.

Standard controller versions with single voltage range:
Model Output Input Voltage
3091LD 3000 W AC Load 115V
3091 3000 W AC Load Auxiliary 115V
Ordering Examples
1 x 3091LD-RMS
2 x 3091-RMS
Three unit, 9000 Watt system with rack slides. : 3091LD-BTM-230
Supplied with
Instruction / Programming Manual
Windows™ Graphical User Interface
>Load Input Connector
RS232C Serial Cable

DC Electronic Loads

DC Modular Supply

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