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HPX : Model Number Description
Options and Accessories
Input Voltage Options
E (Standard) Input Voltage 440/480VAC L-L +/- 10% (396-528VAC L-L)
D (Option) Input Voltage 380/400VAC L-L +/- 10% (342-440VAC L-L)
C (Option) Input Voltage 208/230VAC L-L +/- 10% (187-253VAC L-L, power levels up to 75KW)
Remote Control Options
0A No Options
1A IEEE-488.2 + RS-232C (RS-232 comes standard)
1C Ethernet / RS-232
1D Isolated Analog Control
2A Combined Options, 1A + 1D
2G Combined Options, 1C + 1D
000 No Options
E00 Addition of AC input circuit breaker and EPO switch with local and remote trip of AC breaker (consult factory for pricing)
0R0 Replace ā€˜Lā€™-mounting brackets with rack slides
* Modifications can be ordered in any combination, e.g, 0RC = Rack slides and CE marking options

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