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DLM 600 Watt Quote Request

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DLM600 : Model Number Description
Output: Voltage and Current Ranges
Model Voltage Current
DLM 5-75 0-5V 0-75A
DLM 8-75 0-8V 0-75A
DLM 10-60 0-10V 0-60A
DLM 20-30 0-20V 0-30A
DLM 40-15 0-40V 0-15A
DLM 60-10 0-60V 0-10A
DLM 80-7.5 0-80V 0-7.5A
DLM 150-4 0-150V 0-4A
DLM 300-2 0-300V 0-2A

Ethernet/LAN Option
• LXI Compliant
• 10/100 base-T
• TCP/IP Protocol
• ICMP (Ping Server)
• Web Server: Direct control of power supply via standard web browser.
RS-232C Interface

M6 Disconnect & Polarity reversal relays (10V to 300V models only. This option requires one of the following options: M9G, M85, M130 or M131) Output disconnect and polarity reversal relays controlled via SCPI commands. An SPST relay is in line with each output lead.
M9G IEEE-488.2 and RS-232C Interfaces
M13 Locking shafts (front panel potentiometers)
M51A Optically Isolated analog Programming and Monitoring. This isolation allows users to control power supplies not connected to a common ground. In addition, in systems with high ambient noise or with large ground loop currents the control ground can be isolated from the power ground eliminating problems.
M85 Multichannel Slave Interface
M131 Multichannel Slave Interface (16 bit) (M130 Master ONLY)
DLMRK Rackmount Kit for single DLM with filler panel and for two units mounted side-by-side

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