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AMREL Electronic Loads

AMREL Electronic Loads

The AMREL brand represents precision, programmable DC electronic loads for the automated test equipment market. The addition of the AMREL brand brought new opportunities to AMETEK Programmable Power in solar power, fuel cell and battery testing applications.

The AMREL brand boasts the award winning eLOAD line of Air and Water-cooled Electronic Loads up to 200kW+, 5000Adc and 1200Vdc ratings. Electronic loads have found a variety of applications ranging from power converter testing to current modulation. A large range of power sources can be tested using an electronic load from converters, inverters and UPSs to electrochemical sources such as batteries and fuel cells.

On August 19th, 2010 American Reliance's Power Division (AMREL Power) was acquired by AMETEK Programmable Power. This acquisition broadened and strengthened AMETEK's position in high power programmable electronic loads for industrial, military and alternative energy applications and opened opportunities in solar power, fuel cell and battery testing applications.

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