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Options and Accessories
Supplied with Standard: User Manual on CD ROM. Pi version: User/Programming Manual and Software on CD ROM. RS232C serial cable.
Input Voltage Settings : Specify input voltage (L-L) setting for each RS system at time of order:
208 Configured for 208 V ±10 % L-L, 4 wire input
230 Configured for 230 V ±10 % L-L, 4 wire input.
400 Configured for 400 V ±10 % L-L, 4 wire input.
480 Configured for 480 V ±10 % L-L, 4 wire input
Standard Model Options : Specify output range on standard models. All range values shown are Line to Neutral.
- 150 Configured for 150 V AC and 200 V DC output ranges.
- 300 Configured for 300 V AC and 400 V DC output ranges.
- 411 *IEC 1000-4-11 test firmware.
- LF Limits maximum frequency to 500 Hz.
- FC Modifies output frequency control to ± 0.25%
- LAN Ethernet Interface
- HF Increases max frequency to 1000 Hz
- 413 *IEC 1000-4-13 Harmonics & Interharmonics test firmware.
- HV Adds 400 V L-N AC-only output range
- XV Adds other AC-only output range. Consult factory.
- LKM Clock/Lock Master
- LKS Clock/Lock Auxiliary
- WHM Watt-Hour Measurement option.
- SNK Bidirectional auto source and sink mode. Offers up to 100% power sink capability
Avionics Test Routine Options
- ABD ABD0100.1.8 Test Option. -Rev D-E
- AMD Airbus AMD24 Test -Rev A-C
- A350 Airbus Test Software -Rev A-C
- B787 Boeing 787 Test Software -Rev A-C additional.
- 704 Mil Std 704 A - F test - firmware/ software.
- 160 RTCA/DO-160D, DO-160E, and EUROCAE test firmware.
* Note: Reference the Avionics Test User Manual P/N 4994-971 for a complete listing of performance capabilities.
Feature Comparison
Model Pi
AC mode X
DC mode X
AC+DC mode X
Dual V Range X
Transient programming X
Arbitrary waveforms X
Measurements X
Harmonic measurements X
Waveform acquisition X
Bi-Directional Regenerative X
IEEE / RS232 X

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