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Option Code Description
-LF Limits maximum frequency to 500Hz -- 2253 i/iX only
-FC Modifies output frequency control to ± 0.25%
-LKM Clock/Lock Master
-LKS Clock/Lock Auxiliary
-MODE Allows all three amplifier outputs to be combined on phase A output terminal. No external switching or reconnection to the load is required (2253 i/iX only).
-RMS Rackmount Slides
-RPF Remote programming frequency (0-10 V DC).
-RPV Remote programming voltage (0-10 V DC).
-WHM Watt-hour measurement.
Controller Options
Option Code Description
-ABL ABLE Command (Emulates Elgar SL - PIP 9012 Functions)
-EXE External Sync Input. (Excludes LKS & RPF)
-LAN LXI Ethernet LAN Inter face (RJ45 Connector) (iX Only)
Avionics Test Routine Options
Option Code Description
-ABD Airbus Directive 0100.1.8 tests. [AC only]. Requires -ADV and use of Windows PC and included FCS Series II Instrument Control software.
-AMD Airbus AMD24C Tests. Revision C.
-A350 Airbus Test Software
-AIRB Airbus ABD0100.1.8, AMD 24 and A350 combination test software suite
-B787 Boeing 787B3-0147 Tests.
-704 Mil-Std 704 rev D and E test firmware. [AC only, Refer to -704 option data sheet for detaiIs]
-704F Mil Std 704 test firmware. Revisions A-F.
-160 RTCA/DO-160D, Change 2, EuroCAE-14D and Airbus test firmware [Section 16, AC only. Refer to -160 option data sheet for detaiIs]
* Note Reference the Avionics Test User Manual P/N 4994-971 for a complete listing of performance capabilities.
Feature Comparison
Controller i iX
AC mode x x
DC mode x x
AC+DC mode - x
ansient programming x x
Arbitrary waveforms - x
Measurements x x
Harmonic measurements - x
Waveform acquisition - x
Programmable Impedance - x
IEEE / RS232 x x

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