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California Instruments Compliance Test System : Quote Request

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Standard controller versions with single voltage range
Single Phase Systems
Model VA Power AC Source EN61000-4 PACS Model
AC Line
None - PACS-1
1250 VA
1251RP - PACS-1RP
3000 VA
3001iX PACS-1
5001iX-CTS (-400)
5000 VA
5001iX (-400) PACS-1
10001iX-CTS (-400)
10000 VA
10001iX (-400) PACS-1
Three Phase Systems
AC Line
none - PACS-3-75
15003iX-CTS (-400)
15000 VA
15003iX (-400) PACS-3
45000 VA
MX45-3Pi PACS-3-75
PC Requirements
CPU Pentium / Athlon 2.0 GHz or faster.
RAM 1 GBytes or more.
Hard Disk 10 Gbytes or more. 30 Mbytes required for program storage.
Display Color SVGA/XGA Monitor
Slots Available PCI slot for A/D card.
Software MS Word, Windows
IEEE-488 For control of the power source, a NI IEEE-488 bus controller and available PC slot, RS232 or USB port are required.
California Instruments will quote a PC as part of the system on request. Contact factory for
Included with each CTS system
-PCI CI400PCI PCI Bus, 16 bit A/D Card.
iX Series based CTS Options
-LR1 Lumped Reference Impedance for 3/5001iX-CTS configurations. Installed in PACS-1.
-LR2¹ Lumped Reference Impedance for 10001iX-CTS configuration.
-LR3² Lumped Reference Impedance for 15003iX-CTS. (OMNI- 3-18i)
-OMNI-3-75 Lumped Reference Impedance for MX45-CTS.
(OMNI-3- 75i - 3 phase)
-LR5 Japanese Lumped Reference Impedance (100 V) for single phase systems. (OMNI-1-37iJ)
-EOS1 EN/IEC 61000-4-11 AC source compliance Electronic Output
Switch for single phase CTS Systems.
-EOS3 EN/IEC 61000-4-11 AC source compliance Electronic Output Switch for 15003iX System.
-411 EN/IEC 61000-4-11 Voltage Dips and Interruptions test option. (included with -EOS options)
-413 EN/IEC 61000-4-13 Harmonics and Inter-Harmonics test option.
-LNS Internal AC Line Sync. (iX Series only)
-XLS External AC Line Sync. (iX Series only)
General Options
C Cabinet. System installed in 19” instrument rack. Highly recommended for all three phase systems. Prefix ‘C’ to standard model number to order.
CIC-PC Suitable PC with preinstalled CTS and CIGUI software. Includes Case, keyboard, mouse, Windows and MS Word.
CIC-PCX Adds 17 inch monitor and printer to CIC-PC.
-RMS Rack mount slides.
CI400PCI Spare PCI A/D Card
CI68C Spare 37 pin signal interface cable for PCI.

Higher Power Systems
For higher power three phase systems, contact factory.

Note 1: Required item for Flicker test.
Note 2: Option -LR3 is recommended for 15003iX-CTS systems. See App note 119 for details.


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