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Standard controller versions with single voltage range
Model Output Power Phase Output Input Voltage¹
3000CS 3 kVA 1/3 208-230V
4500CS 4.5 kVA 1/3 208-230V
4500CS-400 4.5 kVA 1/3 400V
9000CS/2 9 kVA 1/3 208-230V
9000CS/2-400 9 kVA 1/3 400V
13500CS/3 13.5 kVA 1/3 208-230V
13500CS/3-400 13.5 kVA 1/3 400V
18000CS/4 18 kVA 1/3 208-230V
18000CS/4-400 18 kVA 1/3 400V

Note (1): All input voltage specifications are for Line-to-Line three phase, delta or wye. Model 3000CS (208 V input) can be operated on 230 V L-N single-phase.

Input Options
-400 400 ±10% Volt Line to Line AC input
Output Options
-AX¹ Auxiliary outputs, 26 VAC, 5 VAC. Limits upper frequency to 800 Hz.
-LF¹ Limits output frequency to 500 Hz
-FC Modifies output frequency control to ± 0.25%
Note 1: See option matrix
Controller Options
-HF Auxiliary outputs, 26 VAC, 5 VAC. Limits upper frequency to 800 Hz.
-MB Limits output frequency to 500 Hz
-L22 Locking Knob.
-LAN Ethernet Interface
-LKM¹ Clock and Lock Master
-LKS¹ Clock and Lock Auxiliary
-LNS² Line Sync.
-EXS² External Sync
Note 1: See option matrix
Note 2 : -LKS, -LNS and -EXS are mutually exclusive and with Ext Trig function
Cabinet Options
-RMS Rackmount Slides. Recommended for rack mount applications
C1-C5 prefix Cabinet System. Number indicates cabinet height. Installed and
pre-wired in 19” cabinet. Consult factory for available cabinet
Option Matrix
LF -
LKM - x
LKS x - x
EXS x -
AX -
Note that some options are mutually exclusive as indicated in the table below. An ‘o’ means the options can be combined. An ‘x’ means they cannot.
Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice. Specifications are warranted over an ambient temperature range of 25°± 5° C. Unless otherwise noted, specifications are per phase for a sinewave with a resistive load and apply after a 30 minute warm-up period. For three phase configurations, all specifications are for L-N. Phase angle specifications are valid under balanced load conditions only.

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